Sunday, November 02, 2014

Forward Helm

On occasion, I get an email either asking a question or just informing me, that I haven't told the full story of the modifications to Memory Rose.  Mea Culpa!  ;)

One such mod, was a long term transition.  It took the original designed area into an efficient helm; including the nearby space.

In that interior 'helm area' other mods were accomplished.

Much or most of the original wiring and certainly the Instrumentation...was upgraded and simplified.

An Edson Teak and Stainless Steel ships wheel was added to modernize the interior and add leverage.

Multiple (3) station, Ratheon radar and instrumentation was installed so this Pilothouse Station was fully functional.

But then, ALL navigational equipment was UPDATED to the newest Ratheon equipment in the Forward, Nav Station and Cockpit.  ALL 3 stations have complete access to data !

Below is the Forward helm today.

 Next, the Navigation Station in the Master's Cabin, (just forward of the aft cockpit).

 The 'newest' Icom 802 SSB/Ham radio,with the 140 Auto Tuner with Pactor unit is installed. A  complete navigational set up.  All data available near your berth...
And then the aft cockpit at the binnacle, a Multi Function Display.

Color Radar and MFD displays and the latest technology.
Cool huh?  About $28,000 was spent on the boat in upgrades since last listing but all worth it!

 Double 1/2" thick scratch resistant windows were installed (yup! total 1") and blinds installed inside for privacy at night at a marina.  (Note: the outer windows are heavy tinted grey that are like the best sunglasses...No one, can see in!  just out! you can see.)

 Blinds down but open(above), but up in photo below.

View from Forward helm in the Pilothouse.  360 views, clear, unobstructed...and I'm not tall!

A Charles Isolation International Transformer (3.8KV)was added to the electrical system to prohibit gremlins from entering the boat! It was installed in the starboard side locker/directly to the right of the helm.
 Note: upper left, remote Icon VHF hand held radio control and windlass Circuit Braker.  Also, Morse single lever full control of engine(a brand new spare is included in our extensive spare's locker. Aft of that, is a 30" custom manual bilge pump handle/in a PVC tube.
 This locker is huge!
Charles International Isolation Transformer works on many voltages as well as 50 and 60 cycles and prohibits dockside electrical nightmares.  It is the ONLY way to go! Especially if you are planning on International Travel.  Expensive but Worth It!

Storage was added under this Fwd. helm station.  (we used it for extensive medical supplies)

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