Sunday, December 14, 2014

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Memory Rose.....For Sale.

Due to changes in life, Sailing Vessel Memory Rose/for sale/and offered by Edwards Yacht Sales.

                                            Fresh Bottom Job done at Salt Creek Marina
She's ready for a Circumnavigation or any cruising adventure, immediately. She's ready to go!  This presents a rare opportunity for an astute sailor.  No projects, no further costs of preparation, no Time Delays.
Inflatable was lashed on deck for our passage from beyond Panama Canal to St. Pete Beach, Florida, U.S.

 Details can be found by reading the posts in the Index on the right side of the page.

Also some info has also been included on the  site.

An 'extensive list of spare parts' is included in this sale. Virtually anything that could ever be considered to be necessary for a repair at sea will be include.  I am removing my personal tools, gear and personal effects...but all else and the list is extensive, goes with the boat..  I want Memory Rose to travel far and wide with total safety and convenience for her new owners.
     [ I might consider accepting real estate in trade, (all or partial) but only 'if' that kind of a deal is of considerable benefit to me in the long run.  It might however, make a quick departure possible for someone wishing to sail off NOW!   ( so a payback for the buyer as well.)]

                             Contact information for now:

A video of Memory Rose interior, exterior and recent travels:

DropBox Video of Memory Rose 


Memory Rose was built to live comfortably utilizing a 2 arrays of Solar panels and it's very large fresh water capacity utilizing a built in rain catchment system with double filtering. Rotating Solar Panels atop Davits/  2nd set of Solar panels above cockpit.  510 amp. total.  She is designed to operate comfortably without the requirements of the fuel depleting, noisy, maintenance of a generator.  Quiet plus efficiency.
Custom rudder, 15% larger surface area + turbulator flow panels....modern design!
Intake with easily removable custom screen.
Solid copper machined "lightning ground plate under Main Mast."

Contact Broker: 
(cell) 813-917-0911
Clearwater, Florida


 for further details, photos, inventory, questions.  

thank you.           

Friday, February 07, 2014

Cruisers help Guna Indians of Panama, get new sails.

A few years ago, I decided to make a few sails for the ulus (dug out canoes) of  two Guna men I knew.  That idea quickly blossomed to making 10 sails for their village.  Then I just decided to put x amount of $ into the project.  The end result grew to .... 30 main sails and 8 jibs, delivered a few months after manufacture.You see, the sails common in this island nation were normally made from scraps of materials... some old sail cloth sailors had donated, bed sheets, political posters, fabric from almost anything that could 'catch the wind'.  The sails usually could catch wind, but did not and could not perform well.

 Bed sheets and political posters and a lot of paddling.
 Sadly, sails like this are commonly used for their only form of transportation.
So now you see there was a need for real sails, made from new sailcloth, that could power these crafts upwind as well as downwind or in any direction with confidence, speed and some added safety.

The project started simply, as I sat on the floor of a friends garage, but it got up to speed quickly with a table, my Sailrite sewing machine and often assistance from friends and family.
The first batch of sails were traditional white.

One of the men, Justino Galindo Martinez called me 4 or 5 times in the months following my first delivery and asked if I was coming back with more sails..  More Sails??
A few sentences later, I understood there was a demand for new sails sized to fit their ulus.  I gave it some thought, then proceeded to prep for another stint at sail making.

The result was an order for 1100 yards of sail cloth and all the peripheral materials and equipment necessary to produce them, including a location.
I rented a building, set it up with electric, lighting and tables then began cutting material..

 Over a mile and a half of strips cut by hand, for the edges of the sail.
 Rolled out 4 layers of different colored cloth and used a hot knife cutting tool to speed cutting of patterned material.
 There were times, organization ran a muck.
 Colors were mixed and matched for variety I thought the Gunas would enjoy.
 I hoisted a set on the wall to give me inspiration during the cold winter of sewing.
 Batches of 10 were vacuum packed for shipping.

Long story made short.. more sails have been made than I can as yet deliver or distribute..

This is where the story takes an interesting and inspiring turn.

This past fall, several cruisers who had noticed the new sails on the horizon, began to contact me, asking questions and lending verbal support to the Ulu Sail Project.  Then one couple, Frank and Gretchen really got behind the idea and began to promote it with emails, radio contact and personally within the sailing community of the San Blas Islands, and even got word over to a gent in Germany who did some promotion there.  Now, they have a number of these Ulu Sails aboard and are offering them to the cruisers who wish to assist in this project in a direct way, by purchase.
                                                         Justino of Isla Gerti, with 2 new sails.
Friends of Frank and Gretchen, Tom and Julie of sailing vessel Gris-Gris, happened to be in the U.S. at the time but soon heading to the San Blas, offered to take a few sails south with them for distribution..  A small snowball effect, but things were building.  The sails arrived a month later in the San Blas and with the word out, some cruisers began to purchase a sail or two, at cost later on, be given away or bartered for molas of their choice.
      Frank and Gretchen advertising the sails, aboard their yacht.  They are Super Supporters!

It often takes a village, the saying goes...but it is wonderful to see it happening.  Really, really nice.

...Today, in an email from Frank:

We have sold 12 sails so far to cruisers.  Here is the list of boats, so you can put it on the website:

Respite, Mike and Gloria
Changing Tides, Carl and Karen

Akka, Monty and Chris
Infinity, Frank and Gretchen
Gris-Gris, Tom and Julie
Lion's Paw and Clarity, who split a sail. (don't have all the crew names)
Eileen Farrell, Joyce and Lorenzo

Icarion, Brian and Marilyn
Blue Sky, Breeze and Debby
Islander, Barbara and Connie, who bought two sails.
Hiatus, Owen and Betty
Islander is trying to organize an Ulu regatta, with their sails as some of the prizes.  We'll try to get some pictures for you.

 All I can say and think, is how impressive the cruising community can be.  Really cool!

Purposeful Design

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”
~William Shedd

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dolphin Striker

When designing my Dolphin Striker or Martingale, I wanted to be sure never to harm a dolphin!  My machinist said he could make anything I could draw, so the next morning, I brought him my sketch of a dolphin with back arched upwards.  He smiled and added 2 of them to each side of my Dolphin Striker as a design element which also captures the side of the 1/2" 1x19 wire used for the bobstay.

The upper end of the striker in my mind, needed to be able to take minor movement.  I had seen too many fixed upper ends, that appeared to me to invite failure from fatigue caused by varying side loads.

 I designed a pivoting block and Rick Heim machined it out of a  solid piece of 316 stainless Steel.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Humorous but truthful!

Life is too short to own an ugly boat