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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fuel system locker, filtering, storage and Hurricane gear!

Clean fuel aboard any vessel is a necessity.  I had nightmares on other boats and decided not to have them anymore.

First, I removed absolutely everything from the engine compartment, except the engine!  Yup, nice and clean and easy to work on.

Pumps, wires, hoses, filters, yada, yada, yada....just removed!

Each item of importance was then moved 'somewhere' I could just sit if necessary in a nasty sea state and just relax and work on it.  NO, I would no longer accept working in a hot engine compartment when the need arises.  I opted to put everything necessary in a comfortable cool place.

Engine filters bolted to the side of the engine were removed and replaced with a Racor 500 filtering system with a 2 micron filter!
 This was installed in the Aft head, where I could sit on the floor comfortably, if necessary to change the filter......................NOT in a hot cramped engine room!

Before that, I installed a DOUBLE Racor 500 filtering system.  One with a 2 micron filter and another with either a 10 or 30 micron filter as immediate backup if the 2 micron got clogged.

Take a look at the options here!

Beyond this small but accessible space, I built in an aluminum floor that hides Hurricane Gear! and tonnes of it.

-2  50' shots of G4  -HT chain
-4  8' shots of the same chain
- an extensive bag of shackles, hooks, connectors etc. for any emergency to be considered.  Sizes 1/4" to 3/4". including pivots, galvanized and stainless steel.

...............Ok, beyond that...

Installed are 2 magnetic devices that I can attest to, that work!   From there, fuel goes to the filters,
then to the Walbro fuel pump, then to the single Racor 500 Filter that replaces the engine mounted filters.

If you notice the 'writing on the wall', ALL fuel can be filtered and cleaned,

while at anchor by the simple act of turning on the fuel pump switch and turning the 2 valves shown.  Fuel will then move thru the filters and divert it back to the tanks.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Engine Fuel Filter Removal

I removed virtually 'everything' in the engine compartment that was not essential.  In other words....I left the engine.

Even on the engine, I removed the 2 small OEM Fuel Filters that were mounted just above the Heat Exchanger.  I replaced these with a Racor 500 fuel filter that I mounted 'Remotely' in the Aft Head, under our sink.  IF I ever have to change this filter, I can do it sitting down cool and comfortable and not in a hot engine room.