Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dolphin Striker

When designing my Dolphin Striker or Martingale, I wanted to be sure never to harm a dolphin!  My machinist said he could make anything I could draw, so the next morning, I brought him my sketch of a dolphin with back arched upwards.  He smiled and added 2 of them to each side of my Dolphin Striker as a design element which also captures the side of the 1/2" 1x19 wire used for the bobstay.

The upper end of the striker in my mind, needed to be able to take minor movement.  I had seen too many fixed upper ends, that appeared to me to invite failure from fatigue caused by varying side loads.

 I designed a pivoting block and Rick Heim machined it out of a  solid piece of 316 stainless Steel.

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