Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pet Octopus-only long enough for a photo shoot.

Well, another hurricane just passed and left our beaches torn and littered. Debris and remnants of sea life cover them for as far as the eye can see. Dorothy sees detail well and has a hobby of collecting miniature shells. She spotted this tiny octopus in a shell up in the mess ashore. I brought it back to film it, then gently set it free in our lagoon. Even in those few minutes this little guy or gal showed surprising intelligence.
We did a minute or two of photos then adapted it to our lagoon water and released it.


Tom Denton said...

hi ron, where are you going after Oct. 1
tom denton

Ron Sheridan said...

Hello Tommy, IF; you wish to get down for a visit "While we are on the Rio Dulce-in Guatemala", let me know kind of soon. if you are thinking of that....or Panama....or nothing at all and just a hello!