Saturday, September 27, 2008

Panama Canal Reflections

Have been pensive as to the diversity of impressions I returned with, from a recent trip to the Panama Canal and local areas with friends. I think I'm just going to post a few photos with simple text and let them do the talking....well, most of it.

The perimeter around the famous Yacht Club in Colon(Caribbean side). What does this tell you?

Tired, worn and 'nearly at the level of a slum bar' , a dream location for many of my visions of cruising , was: a disappointment to me. "Fair to say it's maybe a statement of our times", but once there, going beyond the razor wire can still be quite interesting.

Railways(shown on left): A system I grew up on, is the System of the Yacht club.

One boat at a time/primitive considering what can be found today, sliding up a set of train rails from the water, held hostage within a 'cradle'. Maybe a 'water colorist' can paint a pretty picture of what must be a nearly one of the last photos of the process at the canal and elsewhere in modern civilization..."boy, the times-they are a changing."

-The ghettos nearby require one to get a cab for safety. [Nearby, means just over that fence with razor wire!]

-The dust from offloading ships can get a brain to go ballistic and so to, the garbage dump from the same direction.

- Needless to say, I was disillusioned on my first day or two. Day 3 we were GONE!

-There is life and good times here with care, but I do not feel I cashed in my chips in the U.S. to go cruising/hang out, here!

Get here and move on.............

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