Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Traveling with Dave and Sherry McCampbell recently was a real adventure. Dave had luckily run across an individual early on who was 'Paid' to travel and find neat spots for his clients. We booked a couple of days at one of the unusual locations up in Lago(lake) Atilan, called Casa Del Mundo; (House of the World).

While there we hired a small boat to take us all across the lake to Santiago de Atilan, an old, small town that is still quite remote. This shot, was taken from inside the old church up on the hill. The view from the altar and main isle and out there center doorway gives a spectacular view of a volcanic peak. This is a land of 'active' volcanos and the lake itself, Lago Atilan, the result of a huge crater formed by an ancient volcano is now one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, simply majestic.

The Casa Del Mundo, built by a gent from Alaska and his Guatemalan born wife that he met up there in snow country, bought the land aside the crater lake of Atilan and built this unusual hotel of unusual mountainside cottages and spectacular views amid heavy and colorful vegitation all planted by them over the last 20 years. We were lucky to have been able to reserve our room as this place has no trouble filling its rooms. Our scheduled room had some plumbing problem but we were upgraded to their best room high up the side of the mountain. The view was spectacular and we enjoyed sunsets and coctail hour with Dave and Sherri up there on our first night. Climbing a few hundred steps to get there was like a session on a 'stair master'. I usually needed one break for each assent. Decents were OK.

Flowers and artifacts of mayan culture abound on the property. Pathways and stone works were a marvel in themselves...beautifully done and intriguing. The staff was always busy and always smiling, courteous and hard working.

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