Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chichicastenango on Sunday's Market Day

During a visit to Chichicastenago on it's weekend Market Day, we enjoyed a lunch at a second floor restaurant above the bustling street market below. A thousand or more vendors from the outskirts of town were selling their wares in shaded stalls along and in the street, that were erected for the days event. Shops opened their doors as well, selling everthing imaginable,

including a meat market, doors open, slaughtered animal
carcasses hanging dressed with flies, in the open air.

By the way, upstairs at our table to food was good, and no flies! We were never far from the mind set of the locals though and since we were not down on the street to buy their goods, they came to us! We did not want any woven baskets, but for a small amount, she was happy to have her photo taken.

The town had many churches it seemed, and the 3 that we saw were hundreds of years old, built by the old spanish rulers, or should I say their right hand men, the church of Rome. In much disrepair, they are still a sight to behold-built like fortresses. Market day however, was a day to share the steps to heavenly righteousness to those interested in trading and people watching.

The clothing of the locals, up here in the mountains was spectacular. Each tribe or area, were known for their individual patterns and colors. Seemingly unchanged for hundreds of years, the detail is incredible and extensive. Market stalls were full of clothing that must have taken months per article to produce, and at very reasonable cost. But back home, where do you wear it? Special gatherings obviously!

Like us, Dave was always trying to bargain the price lower, so when he asked -in his best Spanish- if she could get it down some, the poor gal got all confused!
.... Only joking of course, she was explaining the detail :)

While it is evident while visiting here, that we are still in the 21st century, many things have not changed. It is the beauty and simplicity of the past and the ways of the past, that are so alluring.

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