Friday, June 17, 2011

Amel Whisker Poles

I have loved the concept that the Amel genius incorporated into his boats.  ONE, of the simple yet so effective ideas incorporated in his boats is a method of making the 'use of a downwind pole' is less strenuous for sailors.  This is SO important for us challenged sailors(less crew, less youth, less brain cells...........and of course it works equally as well for the younger 'brighter" sailors! Ok, laugh later....I'm writing now! ;)

A short length of pole from Mast to Shrouds, then with the help of a Support system, a pivoting connection to the Aft lying length of pole that is easily raised by a topping lift, and forward guy...kept in check by a pre-set Aft Guy.  I hope I have explained the idea OK.
I will try to build a similar system for my boat out of parts I have already,  from used Whisker/Spinnaker poles and other parts I have accumulated...........of course I will need help from a local fabricator.

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