Friday, December 24, 2010

Rest stop in Panama City, Panama

Great flight on Copa airlines from Orlando to Panama City, Panama.  Just like the last time, when meals were served, we were handed a cloth napkin with stainless steel fork and knife! Yup!  At least this time, we were flying AWAY from the U.S..  The last time, after security,(did I really call them THAT?)  Well, the last time we flew Copa, heading 'towards' the United States, we had 129 people with knives on board during lunch.
Does that ever make one think.

Dig in guys!  Banana's for everybody!!

Stayed the night at La Estancia Bed and Breakfast up on Ancon Hill.  It's the old military area up on a hill overlooking the city and the canal.
        View from the balcony of La Estancia towards the Bridge of the Americas in the distance.

Bridge of the Americas was laden with bumper to bumper traffic, due to the only other bridge loosing one of it's lanes to a mudslide last week.  Did I mention we are at the end of our 'Rainy Season'?  Many roads were damaged by slides and are still closed.

 This B&B puts out fruit on a line each day for the local birds and whatever else shows up.

 These pretty squirrels loaded up with an ounce or two each on this feeder filled with sugar.  Wow, were they a hyper bunch!  When they were done the small birds would take their fill.

Had a pleasant drive over to Colon and finally Shelter Bay, where our boat is, the next day.  We were lucky to find a nice guy who does this kind of driving for a living.  He used to work for the Panama Canal Yacht Club I believe as Dock Master and also accountant, but when the government bulldozed it last June in a true takeover, he became self employed.  Roger is his name and a friendly, trustworthy gent he is.  Roger also located some last minute items in Panama City, that I needed to procure for our boat.

This morning late, the marina moved our boat out of the Storage Yard to the Work Yard so today we opened her up for some fresh air and began the process of cleaning her up for another season.  Hot it is, down here, and sweating I am.  We did not work too long before we both agreed to get some lunch.

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