Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Back to Panama

We are migrating from U.S. to Shelter Bay..............NOT THIS ONE!

 But this one!   Will do a bottom job on boat and move on to San Blas or maybe Columbia.
Aerial shot of Shelter Bay Marina. Panama.     (our boat is somewhere in the cloud center of photo.  This area used to be a Jungle Training Camp for U.S. soldiers.  Now it's a money maker for some rich Panamanians.

Panama's marinas around the Canal,  have become expensive and limited in number.  The Government has shut down two and refused to allow a third, that lost it's infrastructure due to a fire, to rebuild.   As such the fees now are as high as they can be pushed.  No competition; now it's one big ticket marina at either end of the canal!  Research "Pedro Miguel Yacht Club" for more information or click on this link:


We, will probably move on at the end of the season.

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