Friday, January 20, 2012

Ulu Sail Project - Year 2

Back at Live Oak, Florida, I am regrouping for my winter endeavor to hopefully make 250 sails+/-  for the Kuna Indians of Panama's San Blas Islands .  I've been purchasing wood, tables, etc. to set up shop for sail making in a building I've rented.

Ordering thread, a hot knife, basting tape went well even a discount offered from  Sailrite company.   I should be cutting sailcloth by Sunday or Monday if all goes well.
Last years sails (the white one).  This next production will be larger-shown in Red but will also be in Yellow, Dark Hot Pink, Orange and Silver.  They will have a colorful horizon!
 I think the Kunas will 'LOVE' the brightl colors!
Today, while it was cold and quite windy, I closed the front doors to the building and continued to build what I needed.  The main task, was a rack to hold the sail cloth, so I could fairly easily, pull it out onto tables for cutting and sewing.

Murphy's law never fails, so a few glitches occured, but at the end of the day, the rack was built....with measurments that FINALLY worked!  (gettin' old!).
From here, I hope to roll out 1,2.3 or 4 different colors of cloth and then be able to cut the batch with a Hotknife....getting 4 patterns cut at once..  Hopefully this will turn out to be a time saver.
I purchased (5) 60" plastic/folding tables to be my platform for work.  The surface is slick and slippery, which should help in the sewing process.  Overhead lights were also added today.
Yesterday, I bought the materials and built amongst other things, the gate to keep little Pete safely inside the workspace while I'm working! The wood frame and plastic fencing is "Inside" the door, so the door can be raised or lowered for air/light or whatever..   Pete is a "runner",  and would love to get out, but the dogs in this neighborhood would have him for lunch!  Now...he can roam the shop and still be perfectly safe!

the only problem is.......he is not happy unless he is in my lap.  What do I build for that? ;)

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