Monday, August 20, 2012

Chain Plates, Going External in 2000

Originally written and posted on 12 June 2012

I have written much about this project and had kept it on the CSYsailboats blog I write so others with CSY's or interested in them can see what i did to update the original design to my solutions for strength and safety.

Here's a link to that

There are about a dozen CSY's now that have gone to this 10" diameter design which was designed and built to fit 'above' the original CSY rub rail.

Note:  A few have not used the 10" diameter I had designed but went to 8" diameter to save material cost. Some have not used countersinking and flat socket head bolts but rather used hex head bolts. I specified countersinking for my plates so that sealant would protect the shaft of the bolt, not protectable under a hex head bolt over time.
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 It is under the hex head bolts used on the forward strap used for the head stay, that the original bolts snap off from crevice corrosion.
                               Beginning the process of removing the OEM internal plate.
New plate attached with 'Only' center bolt.  This makes it easy to then attach the original stay and turnbuckle to then slightly tighten the adjustment to get the perfect angle on plate to stay alignment before drilling any other bolt holes.
                          3 Plates aligned and tensioned. New Awlgrip paint job in progress.

I had a shop locally that made many sets of these plates for CSY owners, but he retired recently.  Another machinist Larry Fordice, father in law of CSY owner Warren and Kathy Daniels, is possibly ready to make some using water jet technology-a great cost cutting method.

Here is the design I sent him first in regular size then supersized/but the edge is missing. sorry but this is the best I can come up with.

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