Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bottom Job 2012

Since we brought the boat back to the U.S., Dutch insurance was given up for more reasonably priced and U.S. coverage.  Survey required of course, so along with the haul out, I'm doing a full bottom job again.  It was not required, as the Jotun ship hard ablative I applied in Panama was still in excellent shape.  However, I took the opportunity to freshen it up and get it back to 'Green'.

Redid the Boot Stripe with Dk. Green Awlgrip paint, that was not available in Panama.  There I had to use Glidden hardware store paint.. fair but not marine grade, so off it came and Awlgrip applied.
Metals brought down by sanding or sand blasting and painted with Interprotect 2000 as barrier coat.
Original prop that has been re-pitched to 19" and computer balanced by Admiral Propeller Co. still showing signs of 'copper plating' that was the rage back in mid 90's.
Lightning Ground Plate, 4" x 30" sand blasted but will NOT be painted.  The pure copper holds up well to fouling.
A few more coats and she will be splashed and back at my dock!

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