Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Third Week in March

 We bought our beef in large pieces and I did the final cutting in our own galley.   I became the butcher when back on the boat and one particular cut of meat, cut nicely into  20 bacon wrapped Filet Mignons.
 All meats and fish were wrapped and vacuum packed in double portions, then frozen in our magnificent 5 cubic foot freezer.
 After a tour of Colon, last week, we stopped at a resort and noticed this wonderful 'fat belly' tree.
 Dorothy goes out with a couple of gals here early in the A.M. to get great shots in the jungle. (Toucan high up in the canopy)
 Spider and Howler monkeys are everywhere.  Spiders, like this are mostly seen and Howlers heard.
 This 2" fish was floating flat on the top of the water looking at the seafood delights on our dock.
 Sloth was as slowly as ever, eating a bud near the top of a tree. " This Buds for you! "
 Jimmy Buffet dropped into the Marina.....  Truly!  His boat Continental Drifter was came into the Shelter Bay Marina and he dropped out of the sky via his seaplane..........   Weird life it is here at the dock! ;)
 A short trip to Panama City, Panama allowed us an evening with friends and a wonderful dinner at El Patio.
Outside, the musicians treated the passing pedestrians and stalled traffic. Fun guys!
 Not much explaining to do here.  This is a tree that does not want you to get up close and personal.

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