Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rudder Turbulators, Make water FLOW!

 Photos taken in Panama in 2011 during or should I say between showers or, at the end of their rainy season.
I built these Turbulators, in 1994 to smoooooth the flooowwwwwwwwwwwww. It's all about the details!

Dorothy and rudder 4 years after it's building/turbulators built in 94 painted but not shown here.

They fill the GAP between the Skeg and Rudder to make water flow smoothly and just like aircraft, the biggest difference is in the slowest craft..........not the fastest!

On the Skeg side, I chose to drill and tap the Skeg, then.... inserting stainless steel helicoils for good threads....and then inserted Flat Head 1/4" Machine Screws.

as per photos.  These still look great  and work as planned, after 17 years.

I do believe this makes a difference in the performance of our boat.  (we reinstalled these after the first coat of bottom paint and added 3 more coats to cover everything..............."we normally get 5 years or more out of our bottom jobs."

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