Sunday, December 26, 2010

Out of Storage Christmas Eve

We had scheduled the transport of Memory Rose from the Storage Yard to the Work Yard on Dec. 24th, the morning after arriving at Shelter Bay.  Luckily for all, the skies were clear and working conditions were just fine.

We followed the boat on foot to observe the move.  Since then we have had our attempts at cleaning the boat suppressed by thunderstorms and near constant downpours. We did manage to check out the interior and get started at renewing our cruising plans though.  Dorothy checked things inside and wiped down some interior surfaces.  While we were gone, we ran our dehumidifier to keep moisture at bay inside.  Costly at $.41/kwhr. but we did not return to a 'mold farm', as some others did.  The interior was clean and dry.
 Driving rain this morning but Memory Rose is visible in the Work Yard furthest off and just a bit to the right of center.

I opted to scrub the exterior, starting with the cockpit.  Since we had to cross the cockpit first after coming up the ladder astern, it seemed wise to have a clean place to readjust, place bags and tools etc. before going down into the interior of the boat.  Next. I cleaned maybe 2/3rds of the exterior of the topsides, pilothouse deck etc.

Some progress made already.  Will get my foul weather gear out of the wet locker aboard so I can get back and forth from the boat to the room  we have above the marina's restaurant.

Dorothy has been reading a book, decorating a Christmas tree for us and Skypeing her family.

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