Monday, May 24, 2010

Dolphin Bay

Needing to get our act together and get underway, prompted me to make a short trip east and stop in Dolphin Bay.  It's really a lovely bay, remote enough yet close enough for the first step.  We have friends there, Carl and Mary.  Stopping by to say hello and see their dream retirement house and property was well worth the visit.

Carl and Mary decided to settle in.   They keep their boat anchored out in front of their new property just in case they get the itch, but have had fun...mostly...building a new house on a beautiful hillside on the edge of Dolphin Bay.  They hired a local Indian to manage most of the manual planting and landscaping chores and another local to build the house itself, but that still left tons of work for them to do.

While there, we truly enjoyed their company and hospitality........not to mention the view.

Their house was built well up on their hill and it takes strong legs and good lungs to make it there without a pit stop.
 Ok, You KNOW what all the names of these, don't you?  Right, neither do I!   I think I've got this last one though.  It's a pinapple.

Along the path and throughout the property is an amazing amount of plants....all of which they have brought to the property.  Fruits, vegetables, flowers and plenty of trees to repopulate the hillside.

They want  to reconnect some Old Growth jungle on either side of their property.  Howler monkeys inhabit the area and they would like to regrow the trees now missing/cut down to allow cattle grazing years ago by a prior indian land owner.  This would allow the howler monkeys to move thru the jungle canopy as they should and might help their population spread and mix their genes more easily.  Howlers do not often decend to the ground, so this is important to their well being.

Overlooking the bay, they have a wrap around porch with plenty of seating and lounging space.

I'd think that other than sleeping, I'd spend most of my time on this deck if I lived there.  Our boat and theirs and a neighbor's,  grace the harbor.

A local indian village is close by and they are constantly crossing the bay in cayuco's or ulu's....(dug out canoes).

Often, while they gently paddle along, they tow and jig a hand line for the hope of a fish dinner.  This little guy came out and hung around quietly observing.  He's the kid who asked for water, that I mentioned in an earlier posting.

While here, we were able to head over to a foodfest...a gathering of local gringos for food and drink that seems to occur regularly.
 Owner in the kitchen and helper at the oven.  The husband took care of the bar and greetings, as well as serving and busing tables.

This day, the Austrian couple who have built this primitive restaurant on the edge of the jungle, did a fine job on a delicious pork roast with potatoes and veggie.  The cold beers , more than a few, hit the spot and with the shade and volunteer musicians offering what only gringos can bring to this part of the world, everyone had a wonderful day.

Did I mention the Crab Races?  No guess not.

Well, theres plenty here in this mangrove marsh they are harvested in a few minutes from the grassy area outside the restaruant and when ready, put them/one each/under a styrofoam cup.  On command, the cups are lifted and the foot stomping and cheers begin the race!  Last one still in, actually wins, or maybe looses and buys the attending house a round of beers..  No that's another place!

Anyway, a good time was had by all.  This gathering is a weekly event and some like Andy and his cool little dog, travel from Bocas del Toro, about 15 miles by boat to join in.

Next day, it's fresh squeezed orange juice whenever you want, and in the evening?  Well  home made pizzas with the works!   It's a rough life, but someone has to do it!

Thanks Carl!  Thanks Mary!  We had a wonderful visit!  Wonderful!!

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