Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guatemala to Panama

This leg of our trip is over. We intended to move the boat from Catamaran's, a lovely hotel/marina on the Rio Dulce River of Guatemala out and down to Panama. The details were done by day to day decision making. Much had to do with weather windows that would open or close in our path and other problems, oops, "solutions" that were incorporated into our battle plan.

Clicking on the Chart (or any photo) will enlarge it.

We were lucky, but we worked the opportunities as they came and with tenacity, created a bit of happenstance that would otherwise be lost to timidity.
Fun, tiring but memorable in every aspect; we now have another few months of memories in our bag.

The chart shown, with the exception of a missing piece of red line, was our track east and south. 'The 'missing piece of red' was a mad dash eastward in a weather window that kinda 'wasn't', a bashing ride close hauled in strong winds and seas all too often, but we made it. The missing link covers Calabash Bight in Roatan, Honduras out to the Vivarillos cays (reefs) off the N.E. tip of Honduras. You can connect the two sections on your own and follow the writeups as we moved along our 2 month episode.

The boat is securely tucked into the Bocas del Toro Marina/Yacht Club here in Panamas western Caribbean corner and we are preparing for a return visit to the US.

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