Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dad is Ok.

Trying to stay up with necessities, has been keeping all our activities, fluid. WE, have been here now, in St. Pete for a month and trying to not only monitor Dad's wellbeing, but have some fun. Fun is necessary!
A morning trip to Fort Desoto's Dog Park, was good for all of us. As some of you know, we had "BO", the "LabraDoodle" of Dorothy's sister Mary along. We had been baby sitting him while she and husband John were trapped in an upscale/non dog motel unit. We also had, a very sweet chow mix, "Louie" in house, as we are trying to find dog company for dad... the chow was just too big by the BS condo documents. I guess 400 pound people are fine-neighbor hood dogs are walked on the property without being chastised, but now, only pocket designer dogs of less than 15 lbs. are now in the rule book....yah, OK.

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