Monday, December 26, 2016

Memory Rose.....For Sale.

Due to changes in life, Sailing Vessel Memory Rose is for sale by owner
Originally listed @ $235K,  now  lowering the price to $219,900.
Very soon... listing online "By Owner".. to provide this "take me anywhere" vessel to one wishing to cruise the world in ultimate safety and comfort. I believe there is 'Nothing' near as good offered on the marine market! You can decide. She was re-engineered, re-built and stocked to go anywhere, safely, efficiently and comfortably and no doubt with pleasure.

Vessels like this are no longer being built to these standards...or brought up to these standards. This one was and has been taken to the extreme. Pay attention if you are going beyond...coastal!

[ Contact me for details on any aspects of this boat. (

 Extensive, multi-year approach with a "cost no object" focus has produced a very special "go anywhere/go now/go safely/go comfortably" cruising vessel.  Much too much to list here, but I can send documents upon request.  Ask and you shall receive.

                                            Fresh Bottom Job done at Salt Creek Marina
She's ready for a Circumnavigation or any cruising adventure, immediately. She's ready to go!  This presents a rare opportunity for an astute sailor.  No projects; the work of preparation has been done... no Time Delays.  Memory Rose NOT a project boat, she is over the top 'ready'!
Inflatable was lashed on deck for our passage from beyond Panama Canal to St. Pete Beach, Florida, U.S.

 Many, many details can be found by reading the posts in the Index on the right side of the page. Further info can be discussed by phone after your initial search on this site.  Make a list of any questions and we can chat. I have pertinant files to transfer to you upon request, describing equipment and points of interest. Just ask...

Other info has been included on my  site.

An 'extensive list of spare parts' is included in this sale. Virtually anything that could ever be considered to be necessary for a repair at sea will be include.  Memory Rose is ready to travel far and wide with total safety and convenience for her new owners.

     [ I will consider real estate or ? as full or partial trade.)

Have a home, a condo, farm, ranch or property you would like or need to sell before realizing your cruising dream?  Let's talk.  Maybe a way to make a quick departure possible for someone wishing to sail off NOW!  Trade up or down possible.

                             Contact information interested parties:

Two (2) Videos of Memory Rose interior, exterior and recent travels upon request.


Memory Rose was built to live comfortably utilizing a 2 arrays of Solar panels and it's very large fresh water capacity utilizing a built in rain catchment system with double filtering. Rotating Solar Panels atop Davits/  2nd set of Solar panels above cockpit.  510 amp. total.  She is designed to operate comfortably without the requirements of the fuel depleting, noisy, maintenance of a generator.  Quiet plus efficiency.
Custom rudder, 15% larger surface area + turbulator flow panels....modern design!
Intake with easily removable custom screen.
Solid copper machined "lightning ground plate under Main Mast."

For further details, photos, inventory and questions, contact:  Ron Sheridan, the Owner:

thank you.           

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